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our idea

what is new on the market? which innovations will make humans life more easily and change it sustained? there is always this question: where can i buy this stuff? the answer: we’ll show you! the best and most innovative it-gadgets, wearables, toys and devices – presented by us and linked to the websites where you can buy them.

we scan all important inventor fairs and conventions, to find more products. only the best and most innovative products are qualified for our readers.

on platforms like as kickstarter, startnext or indiegogo are the newest projects and products presented. we search there for our readers.

to be a successful company means to have an expanding network. that is why searching continuous for new contacts is a daily task.

our categories

we are hunting for pioneering inventions and innovative products, like wearables, it-gadgets and toys, on the entire globe, to present them on our website.

our team

dailybeam always searches for interested people, who like our idea and bursting to realize it. we are not an official company. so we are looking for volunteers who want to support us.


benjamin steude

benjamin steude
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tuan thanh hoang

tuan thanh hoang
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you! take part!


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communication is everything

invite us to your friends

whether at home or on the road, with us by your side you never miss the latest trends and highlights from the inventor community.

your opinion is important to us

small ideas form great things. share your thoughts with us and support in the development of dailybeam. you know a gadget that we don’t have yet? or you are already a producer and want to show your products to the german market? let us know!

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